1. İsim, Eğitim tarih
  2. İsim tarih.
  3. İsim tarih kitabı.
  4. İsim tarihî olaylar.
  5. İsim önemli olaylarla dolu geçmiş çağ.
  6. İsim geleceğe şekil, gelecek olaylara yön verecek nitelikteki eylem/fikir/olaylar.
  7. İsim tarihî dram.
  1. İsim geçmiş. A catalogue of all activities (calls and IMs) done in Skype.
  2. İsim geçmiş. A list of the user's actions within a program, such as commands entered in an operating system
    shell, menus passed through using Gopher, or links followed using a Web browser.
  3. İsim geçmiş. A record of all the changes to an object’s properties and relationships. History exists for all
    objects, such as configuration items and work items.
  4. Özel Isim geçmiş. A User Interface (UI) element in various communications apps and in contact cards that provides
    access to a list of previous communication via that app or with a particular contact.
  5. Fiil geçmiş. Record of changes to a file or project since it was initially added to a Visual SourceSafe database.
    The database can return to any point in the file history and recover the file as it existed at that point.
hakikat ötesi tarih İsim, Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
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